Monday, February 18, 2013

classy classrooms

i'm a teacher. i taught for 7 years. teaching is in my soul! my favorite part of teaching comes around may every year. that's when i start looking around my classroom and making plans to reorganize and redecorate for next year's rising stars.

i don't love spending a lot of money on my room but i don't think that should stop me from having a beautiful and organized space for kids so that they enjoy their time in school. it really does make a difference when you work in a space you can be proud of.

teachers: let me help you do this.

below, you'll see photos from my class this year. this classroom was decorated for under $25.00! i had access to butcher paper, a color printer, and previously used baskets for books. a functional, organized, beautiful classroom is possible on a tight budget.

i am available all summer and over winter break to help you organize and beautify your classroom!

here is how it would work:

i will come to your classroom for a free consultation. we'll discuss what you would like done. then we'll decide if you would like to complete this project using my "i do," "you do, " or "we do" package:

i do: simply put... i do it all for you from start to finish. i will consult you and get a feel for what you want your classroom theme. i plan, shop, set up, and execute your entire room. you'll give me a budget and that's it! perfect for teachers who might be traveling during the summer or desire a beautiful classroom but don't have the time.
you do: this option is for the teacher who can organize and decorate themselves- but don't want to spend tons of money at the education stores. i can help you by designing labels, signs, and newsletter heads that fit your theme for the year. i design it, email it, and it's yours to print, laminate and execute!
we do: we complete your project together. we'll work alongside each other, cutting the time in half. i'll design your classroom theme and help you organize. you'll save money but be involved at the same time!


i do: starting at $ 20.00 per hour plus the cost of materials.

you do: starting $10.00 per hour plus the cost of materials.

we do: starting at $15.00 per hour plus the cost of materials.