blogger design

1. Fill out the order form. I want a feel for who you are and what you like! I also want to know about your blog crushes if you have any! (A blog crush? Blogs that you visit and LOVE the design!)

2. I will send you mockups for free! I usually 4-5 different designs based off of your order form.

3. You select your favorite and then we get started! 
At that time,½ of the payment is required for me to begin installing (There may be additional charges if you want a specific clip art) and no refunds will be given after you have confirmed that you would like me to move forward with your project.

4. During this phase, I’ll give you three opportunities to make edits to make your blog perfect! After the third edit (if three edits are necessary) I’ll begin to install.

5. Once the blog has been installed, you can explore it, make sure all of your links work, etc.  If any small changes are needed, we can make them here. No major changes will be made here without additional fees.

6. Enjoy your new blog!


*I only accept payment via Paypal.

*Any changes to the design after project completion will require additional charges. I try to give you ample opportunities to make edits along the way.

*Additional changes - If you decide after the installation that you would like something changed, contact me and we can discuss pricing.

*If you already have a blog, you are responsible for backing up your blog before I begin working on it. I will not be held liable for any loss to your blog, business or personal property through the design or installation process.

*I am not responsible for mistakes made by the blog owner when attempting to make edits.

*If you do not already have one, I will need your Blogger login information to access your account and install your design. Feel free to make a temporary password for me to use. This must be a Google account but I will only log in to not your email or google plus page.